April 19, 2021
Video Gallery

Into The Woods - Clips
Clips from OLO 2019's production of Into the Woods!
Girl Crazy - Gershwin clips
First video is "The Lonesome Cowboys Won't Be Lonesome Now"
South Pacific - clips
Xylophone Excerpts - wait until the end!
Porgy and Bess, Shostakovich Polka, Exotic Birds, Firebird Ballet and FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE BEE. Following this video are excerpts on Timpani, Bells and more!
Duettino Concertante - Ingolf Dahl - 4th Movement
Duo for flute and percussion by Ingolf Dahl Masters Recital featuring Marla Nistico
Crazy Army - Trio
Oldie but a goodie! Crazy Army Snare solo arrangement I was able to perform on my junior recital. I have now had the opportunity to teach this piece and have it performed by my students. Super fun!
Percussion Ensemble Videos that include me!
Eastman Percussion Ensemble and Florida State Ensemble Fandango 13 - Burritt, Blue Flame Quintet - Burritt, Shostakovich The Nose, My Little Island/Aldridge Arr, The First Circle - Metheny Arr.
The Only Exception (FSU Cover)