April 19, 2021
The texture of the orchestration also evokes the period. Percussionist Sarah Gartin, Musical Director and pianist Grant Strom and Josh Marcum on bass make plenty of sound. Gartin carries much of the orchestration on her shoulders with an impressive display of virtuosity on the xylophone and glockenspiel.
Sarah Downs with The Front Row Center
(43:48)—¦Another very nice surprise was that it was not just piano for this production of ‘Seesaw’. The stage is fairly small so one might have only expected piano—¦but this show had Grant Strom on piano, but it also had—¦Josh Marcum on bass and this wonderful musician named Sarah Gartin on xylophone and glockenspiel. There were no drums, no trap set but she added so much to the show with what she played on xylophone and glockenspiel and because there were still only three musicians, it seemed like she was playing a lot, so she really got her work out. I can’t tell you how much it added to it!...
Michael Portantiere with Broadwayradio.com