September 24, 2021
Online Lessons with Sarah 
Besides learning how to play a new instrument, you and/or your child will optimize his/her memory skills, time management, comprehension, coordination and more! Whatever age, it will help you stay connected with a productive hobby and for those already pursuing music, help you grow and meet goals that you've set for yourself. I can currently teach on the following instruments (from home): snare drum (drum pad), drum set (beginner level) and keyboard percussion (marimba).

I offer 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons which are strongly encouraged to happen on a weekly basis for maximum growth. For rates and more information on virtual lessons (using the Zoom platform), please contact me via email:

Enjoy a free consultation! 

Here are a few reviews from past parents and students:

"Ms.Gartin has been such an influential mentor in my life . Her teaching methods have opened up my mind to go deeper into the world of percussion in just the span of a year ! THE REAL DEAL"

"Sarah is a phenomenal teacher. She was a personal instructor for my son for 2 years while here in San Antonio, Texas. My son loved her ability to be personable as well as mold him into a top student that can perform on multiple percussion instruments. Sarah is very professional and talented as well."

"Sarah is very detail and always prepared the lesson material beforehand. We are happy that we found her"

"Sarah taught two of our sons beginning percussion lessons. She is very warm and put the boys at ease, without sacrificing expectations. She made lessons relatable to each boy and never compared them to each other. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience that make her an excellent choice in percussion teachers."

"My daughter took drum lessons with Sarah. She made huge advancements in percussion during this time and the relationship between her and my daughter was remarkable. It is a blessing to find someone that your children bond with and look up to."

"My son Christopher received private lessons from Ms. Gartin when she was here at Brennan High School. He learned so much from her and gained such a confidence in himself. She taught him so much, and helped him discover his passion for music. HIGHLY recommend her for lessons! We miss you Ms. Gartin!"
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